Hands On with Horses 

Hidden Valley Farm offers an educational group activity for children ages 6  and older. Our “Hands On” activities are tailored to the needs of your group and meant to give children an interactive learning experience with horses. The Hands On program is a great activity for any group of children and a fun way to learn all about horses. We offer certificates for groups or girl/boy scout troops  looking to earn a badge. Our staff works with each child on the basics of horsemanship, grooming, and tacking. Children will have have the opportunity to build confidence and develop leadership skills while working with one another and the horses.

  • Fun, interactive learning experience, earn a certificate in horsemanship
  • Children learn grooming, handling, parts of horse, tacking the pony, the basics of riding
  • Our staff lead the children around the arena and provide individual instruction
  • Groups of 7-10 $45 per child, 11-16 $40 per child. children will be assigned 3 or 4 per pony
  • For groups larger than 16, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Click here to download our PDF for more details and to print the forms for the Hands On activity. To schedule a date, please call the office for availability.

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